Convert Your Digital Currency

EXCO in a look:

Secure and multi-step entry.

Create a personal and complete profile

Communicate with buyers or sellers via live chat.

Creating all kinds of buying and selling orders at current or future prices.

View a complete list of buyers and sellers of your desired currency.

View existing orders, tailored to the type of your order.

Manage orders and view the latest status of each order.

Security in transactions.

Use of currency converter.

Information about all stages of your orders via SMS and Notification.

Removal of stagnant orders by EXCO, to keep the order list alive.

View financial reports of your transactions.

Create a list of crypto currencies and check their latest changes according to charts and at different time intervals.

An exciting opportunity, you can turn all your buying and selling transactions into points by participating in the lottery and increase your chances of winning.

Create an unlimited number of wallets based on reference currencies (Rials, Dollars, Euros, Dirhams, etc.) with which you intend to trade.

Create a cryptographic wallet, and list all the currencies you hold in different wallets to see their price changes and final balance at any given time. Also, storage of sending and receiving addresses of currencies in different wallets to facilitate your work in EXCO.

EXCO user panel with full features

Using the EXCO user panel, you can enjoy all the features of the EXCO application on your personal computer.

EXCO is a trusted platform anytime, anywhere

EXCO, creates the conditions for Cryptocurrency traders to communicate together and make their own deals, easily,
quickly and secure, without any intermediaries.


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